Michal Ben Zeev, an artist and a painter, is a graduate of the Art Education program of HaMidrasha, Beit Berl Academic College, Israel. 

She currently lives in Binyamina, Israel, a rural and picturesque region that is strongly present and manifested in her works.

Over the years Ben Zeev has experienced in various techniques, materials and media; from ceramics and jewelry to papier-mâché and painting. Since 2005 she has turned exclusively to traditional figurative painting using oils on canvas.

Defiance and a persistent search for an aesthetic essence are constantly present in her intense paintings that are characterized by robust sizzling colors and pure form.

Her paintings reveal and expose the drama behind an apparently routine story — a portrait, a windswept tree, disrepair in the backyard, thus reflecting Ben Zeev's deep rooted connection with nature, and with the mysterious and misleading nature of personal reality.

2020    Field of view; kupferman collection, Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot (group exhibit)
2019    Thorns; Levinsky College, Tel Aviv (one man show)

2019    Minimalism; Naomi Huss Gallery, Ein Hod (group exhibit)
    Fundraising exhibition for disabled IDF veterans; The Nahum Gutman Museum, Tel Aviv (group exhibit)

2019    No Judgment No Morning Prayer; The Artists House, Tel Aviv (solo exhibition)  

2018    Money Talks; Naomi Huss Gallery, Ein Hod (group exhibit)
2017    Regional ID; Ramat Hanadiv, Zikhron Ya’akov (group exhibit)
2015    On the Face; Zadik Gallery, Jaffa (group exhibit)
2014    Money; Zadik Gallery, Jaffa (group exhibit)
2014    Backyard; Zadik Gallery, Jaffa (one man show)
2012    Small Scale; Zadik Gallery, Jaffa (group exhibit)
2012   Small Scale; Zadik Gallery, Jaffa (group exhibit)
2012   Nature, Living Nature; Zadik Gallery, Jaffa (one man show)
2010   Living Room; Apart Art Gallery, Tel Aviv (group exhibit)
2010    Hawks and Sparrows; Zadik Gallery, Jaffa (group exhibit)
2010    Exposure; Cannes, France (group exhibit)
2009   Home; Apart Art Gallery, Tel Aviv (group exhibit)
2009    Kites; Zadik Gallery, Jaffa (group exhibit)
2009    Houses Landscapes Rooms; Wine Culture Center, Zichron Yaakov (one man show)
2008    Sealed in Color; Tel Aviv Port (group exhibit)
2007    Work of Heart; The Artist's House, Tel Aviv (one man show)
1996    Nehama Gallery, Noga Complex, Jaffa (group exhibit)
1984    HaMidrasha (group exhibit

Michal Ben Zeev.

Michal Ben Zeev © 2020 — Binyamina, Israel
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