No Judgment No Morning Prayer

Solo Exhibition

The Artists House, Tel Aviv January - February 2019

One plant, in one part of the view.

The plant's world attracts me for many years. In it's shapes, the multi colors and incredible variety of their survival systems. I'm watching them and thank to them learn to watch the watching itself. Once in the object, in them, as the subject of the mediation and once the dynamic of the meditation itself and through this also the watching subject another words in me.

Learn how the plants struggling as they can over the living and food spaces, how they deal with spreading their seeds for tomorrow's that who know their ends. Fascinated by circles of getting older and growing up, death and revival in a circle system desires to endless, this are the hints that points on semi communal: how this vegetarian world is also underground social network that support in dangerous times those that need and the giant knowledge is supporting in one little seed who finds his way to the sun.

I'm amazed by the relationship between the different systems. How the bee sucks from the powder of the flower and through this powder gives him new futures to the mornings. How the little bugs the beatles the little ants air the soil with their little feet and make the oxygen go to the hidden roots.

As much as I learn this nature I'm more amazed. Every new understanding makes the mystery of this multi system that we call it nature. Looks like the real events are not those that we can see, there is something that enable this harmony that even if it get disturb it comes back and fix itself in a higher standard and opens to create a whole more whole.

The nature doesn't doubt its existence, probably that’s why it arise my passion. Passion to get mixed with it. To watch him more, to draw him, to pour in the material, to let him go through me. When I paint I also feel whole, peaceful and secure in my existence. Full partner to the healthy work.
No judgment. No morning prayer.

It's been few years that I'm back to paint nature drawings but Cactus were not in my agenda at all. On the opposite, they were in the bottom of the line. I saw them silent with desert deserted atmosphere that looked to me like strange creatures without a lot of grace.

But three years ago there was a revolution in our places, they got to be appreciated and part of the usual green rooms selection that I usually like to go. That’s how the urge to research them and to get closer. In a strange way the same reasons that caused me before to stay away caused me to get to like them more and more. Such survivors.

When the barrier broke a whole new exciting world was reviled to my artistic eyes, a world of shapes, drew exact perfect geometry, spirals, triangles, colors and texture. All of the sudden their beauty was revealed to my eyes, unique, different character and their ability to be economical and minimalists. I fell into their magic, full of this passion without drinking Pieta and Itasca in Indian ceremonies. They created in my imagination heavenly objects, no name galaxies flying in dark heaven, nerves networks, social network, ancient creatures crawling their way with their stickers.

I saw through them Empires go up and down, only while drawing them amazed how in endless patience from sticker to sticker create biology geometrical wild chaotic net. The design is so exact with the stickers of this plant. Simply it got me and brought me the need to focus in them and while I'm weaving the net I become part of it, little part, experience my existence, because when I talk about the combination of the structure, I talk about intelligence that it behind all that.

And in this moment when the brush is hypnotized to the, to the nature, to the cosmic brain, or to a hidden hand that organizing stickers like soldiers in their exercise, lines after line of commanders with their stickers like their weapons in a symmetrical system super esthetical. Every sticker has information, each sticker collects Data. To which side to lean, up to which height to grow and how to combine inside this complicated sticky structure.

The desire to more and the giant verity that exists in our world stands sometimes the cactus in the desert, lonely bare creature with scars, challenged in extreme situations, in its wisdom collects and keeps every drop of water in his meaty cells, to hard days on the way, but sometimes surprise and shine the flowers in the middle of the night, like virgins in their wedding night, completely the opposite of the sticky bare stand that they are decorating.

Just like opposites like two sizes of a coin. Just like the nature made them stand like obelisk, he also knew to organize them like giant balls which develop and born out of themselves like a pile of watermelon standing in a pile held by their stickers like rollers present the "a lot" and the "one" as two options that are not against but make it possible to live with each other.

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